SPMC is a well-equipped multi-specialty hospital, which caters to all specialties and super specialties. It is a comprehensive secondary care facility with excellent round-the-clock backup of Emergency, Critical Care, lab, ambulance, and pharmacy services.

SPMC Offers world-class care with compassion. Care that is amply reflected to the world through the globally comparable Medicare facilities at SPMC and compassion that's inherent in each and every consultant and staff member present there.


Developing an affordable and efficient health care system by balancing preventive and curative measures and establishing an enduring Doctor-Patient relationship.


  • Provide patient care that is innovative, compassionate, and service-oriented
  • Efficient, quality, and cost-effective health care services
  • Respecting patients and extending polite, caring, and ready-to-help attitude of our healthcare team
  • Functioning with healthcare stakeholders as partners
  • Educational opportunities that form a platform for constant professional development in our staff
  • Committing very high priority to patient safety and care
  • Total integrity, honesty, and values in everything we stand for; in everything we do
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